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You can always fan mail her on here!! But Taylor, if you want to turn your ask box on you can do it by clicking here, and toggle the bar for “Let people ask questions!” You should also turn replies for your posts on :) This is an ask box! It’s a message that can be posted or answered privately on someone’s blog!

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this is probably a dumb question but you know how there's a big emphasis on first week of album sales? I was wondering if people pre-ordered an album does their purchase go toward the total number of first week sales? because i know they'd recieve the album during week 1, but technically wouldn't have bought it during the first week so i wasnt sure?

Yeah I believe it counts! From Billboard about another issue: “With regards to how the album will chart on Nielsen SoundScan and Billboard’s sales charts, it will only impact the tallies once it has been delivered to customers. That means pre-orders will not count until they have been fulfilled to the end-user.” So it counts when it is delivered/available to customers, which would be included in the first week sales! 

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The fact that you knew all along really killed my vibe.

HATERS GONNA HATE HATE HATE (yo i really didn’t know anything lol) 

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what do you think about the new era so far?


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What's your opinion on FGL releasing their album on 10/14? A few music business journalists feel that Taylor's album won't be released that week because the label will want both artists to have a shot at overall #1.

Perfect for Taylor to release it this week haha. Or it could be later in October!! 

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So, at Seth Meyers were there a lot of her fans? Did you scream or call her name? And if you don't kind me asking, how old are you? If you won't tell me specifically, are older than 18 or younger?

There were a couple fans! More were waiting outside earlier in the day outside Fallon. And we weren’t allowed to scream/call her name inside the studio! But I was waving like crazy in lieu of screaming and she waved back ahhH :’) And I’m 19! You had to be 16 or older to attend the taping. 

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so is it safe to assume black and white or just white are the album 5 colors? :)

I don’t think this album will be particularly color-oriented considering we just came off of an era called “Red”, so she could do black and white as more of a neutral thing. There were also pink sunglasses in that new picture, so you never know! She definitely has been wearing more black/white and pink than usual, but it could be a complete coincidence. 

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are we just going to ignore that taylor's website is taylorswift. com/splash ? Splash could be the new album title!

Splash is computer term! “The page of a Web site that the user sees first before being given the option to continue to the main content of the site. Splash pages are used to promote a company, service or product […] Some splash pages will bring the user to the main Web site automatically, and some require the user to click on a link that will load the main page.”

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Do you think that other countries will be able to watch the yahoo live chat too? Because whenever I try to go onto the US version of yahoo it automatically changes it to the NZ one and I really don't want to miss it :(

Yeah, don’t worry!! They call it a “Worldwide Live Stream” so I’m sure you will be able to :) 

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what did taylor talk about on late night with seth meyers?

She talked about hosting SNL when she was 18! And how she wrote her own monologue for that. Then they talked about The Giver and she said she something like how they came to her with a package of a small part, in Cape Town for week, and with all these amazing stars - how could she say no? Then Seth showed pictures of Taylor leaving the gym all dressed up and she was joking like “That’s how everyone looks when they leave the gym!” and said she read somewhere that someone said she takes an hour after she works out to get ready- and she said that was so untrue. Then she talked about surprising Gena at her bridal shower and something like how she had nothing going on for six weeks so they would be like “Operation Gena” and then all “CODE ORANGE WE’VE BEEN SPOTTED” and it was super funny. And Taylor talked about dancing at award shows, and they showed a clip of Taylor dancing to Cruise at the CMT awards and she was like I didn’t realize it was that bad! Seth called it “interpretive dancing”. Then going to commercial she was like “I’ve never seen that before!” And then he was like “So can you tell us about the live stream?” And she was like “no”. But then she said “Monday. Yahoo. 5pm” and then they filmed four promo clips and that was the end :) 

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