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Who is that guy Taylor was with??

Probably her next boyfriend according to tomorrow’s gossip articles… but it was an interview for Rolling Stone, I think it was Brian Hiatt, he wrote her last Rolling Stone article. 

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do you think taylor will sing a new song at the iheartradio festival?


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whats your instagram?

I have a bunch but she liked the one on @smiles.fortaylor! Except I put it on private now because people are liking the post (understandably), but I don’t want Taylor’s like to go away!! I plan to look at it for the rest of my life hahah. But it was that edit I made (which I just reblogged) and I basically said that she was killing it with the crop top looks, and that I had bought some a couple months ago but that I was always a little nervous to wear them even with my high waisted skirts but I finally feel confident enough to wear them thanks to her :) (which is 100% true EEEP YOU BET IM WEARING A CROP TOP TOMORROW) 

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Do you play any instruments?

Not really, I can play IKYWT, Long Live, and All Too Well on the piano but that’s mostly from memorization haha. But i’m teaching myself guitar! 

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Do you think Taylor would ever just drop an album on the spot like Beyonce did?

Taylor dropped Safe & Sound on the spot before Beyonce~ but I feel like those first week sales album sales are important and Taylor has done well in the past with a killer single and lots of promo leading up to it. However, you know how Mine leaked before it was released? And we didn’t have a problem with WANEGBT because they basically just dropped it on us. And Red leaked, so you never know what Taylor might do with album. But I feel like everyone might be like omg so Beyonce~ if she did it right now. Also idk if I could emotionally handle it hahahah.  

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I’m actually not dying (yet) I feel like this time last era was tougher because Taylor had stopped touring in like March so there was this loooong gap of time but this year she stopped in June so I’m not at the point where i’m toooo impatient?? I wouldn’t mind a cryptic post though letting us know to keep our eyes open~ 

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Do you know why people are saying keep smiling Taylor?

I haven’t seen anyone say it but I’m gonna assume it’s because in the paparazzi pictures from last night she wasn’t like happy necessarily, but I (personally) don’t think she looked unhappy either. So don’t worry! Probably because people need something to over analyze because we are in between album eras at the moment. Note the shirt. 

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HOW'D YOU GET THE 13% battery so perfect!!! I am SO doing that!!!

tbh by like panicking for 20 minutes and plugging it in and unplugging it and refreshing my twitter app 500 times so it would use battery hahahah

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Hello. Do you know full names of all those people who were in Taylor's house this weekend? Cause I can recognize only few and I can't find any tags with all of them anywhere. I would be so thanful for your answer :)

Let’s see, well Austin (her brother), Lena Dunham, Jessica Szhor, Jessica Stam, Odeya Rush, Jaime King, Amanda Griffith, Ingrid Michaelson, Emma Stone, Ashley Avignone, Andrew Garfield, Zac Waksal, and Kyle Newman. There are also first names which are mentioned, Dan, Colin, Vicky and Simon but I’m not sure who they are. If anyone knows feel free to enlighten us~ 

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