Anonymous whispered:
How did you send Taylor your photo?

I didn’t!! You know how Taylor was commenting and liking peoples photos on Instagram last night? I see that photo reposted there a lot, and I assume that’s how she must have seen it because the edit is LQ and resized like a square Instagram photo would be! And for anyone asking if I care that it was reposted - of course not! I’m way beyond thrilled that Taylor even saw it let alone liked it :) 

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Anonymous whispered:

I assume her team is running it, but it’s an official tumblr! 

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Anonymous whispered:
Where are you

i’m still alive but i’m barely breathing

(kidding i’m fine i’ve just had a lot going on sjdhfkjhdfskdjf)

i’m back! 

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Anonymous whispered:
I saw on your instagram that you saw the bridge taylor performed back to december on do you know how to get there?

Okay ahh the easiest way to get there is to enter the park at 93rd street and Central Park West, stay left at the fork, follow that path and stay to the right when it sort of branches off, keep going and cross the road, go straight, you’ll see tennis courts to the left, but take the slight right and tadaa you’ll be on the bridge. If you get lost just ask people for directions to the Reservoir!

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Happy Valentine's Day! And even if you don't like Valentine's Day, I hope you have an awesome day, today and everyday :) xx

Thank you!! I hope you had a good one! 

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do you think that's all for the asia tour dates? like i think she went to korea for speak now, and she went to japan for both fearless and red

I think she’ll announce a couple more but who knows. There were some other rumored dates in late may which would work with that early june schedule! 

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Anonymous whispered:
Maybe new album/single announced?

I think it’s too early. That will probably be in the fall as per usual. Theres promo going on in other countries right now and I think we can expect tour dates there like the rumored ones. No one (The Agency, Taylor, dancers) even tweeted about the tour being over really, when it’s over for good we’ll get some sad/sentimental tweets. So I think there will be another leg to the tour, but that’s not necessarily the news. I think the news will pertain to everyone not just Asia. Taylor Nation can somehow target the tweets to specific regions. This tweet only showed up on my timeline when my friend from NZ RTed it. When I go to the Taylor Nation page, it doesn’t show up, I’m in America. They did the same thing for London with ticket releases. Since they are really hyping this it seems like it would pertain to not just one country.image

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the only reason i think it wouldn't be a movie is because the red era is kind of almost over. and especially with asia tour dates being added, if it was a summer movie, it would interfere with the summer single/fall album schedule

Hm it’s only February. I mean all the filming and stuff is done I assume so they really could release it anytime. They could announce it soon and they could release it on March 13th one month from the start date of the Red Tour? or really anytime between now and early summer. The Giver releases in August and she’ll have her single out sometime around then with the fall album release so I don’t think it will interfere! 

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lunalottie whispered:
What's your theory on the clue video

I was thinking more tour dates worldwide but they haven’t posted anything on her Weibo account (Asia social media) about any *NEWS* which is odd. But we’ve seen things in other countries with Taylor promo (like that ice cream) and heard rumors about dates in may/june in other countries, and that arena following @taylornation13… but why are they hyping it so much if it’s just tour dates? They didn’t do nearly as much hype for America/Aus/London announcements! It’s literally been 21 days since they first mentioned it. They also told us to sign up for the e-mail list so that’s a variable with pre-sale ect. But of course you could do pre-sale for movie tickets I guess. Speak Now DVD I think they just said there would be an announcement and then there was like a video of her saying it or something and that was that. Which is why it could be bigger like big as a movie in theaters? But it’s just speculation. The light stick definitely seems like it means it’s something tour related whether that be a DVD/Movie/More dates. The lyrics behind that are from I Almost Do which was a B-Stage song. And if you remember the Speak Now Live CD they didn’t put old songs on it from other albums, like Our Song. So they could’ve recorded I Almost Do from the B-Stage and used that as a secret song or used that for the album. She played the entire album minus the bonus tracks on tour at some point. So it could be a Live CD component to it. The secret messages to either of those songs don’t seem to mean anything… I’m probably overanalyzing this anyways.  

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Anonymous whispered:
So you would be mad if she cut it?

I’m not gonna be mad like it’s her hair and she’ll look great no matter what and like 500x times better than me and it’s a stupid thing to be mad over like yo i’ll get over it but but I just like long hair…… a lot. My hair is superrrrr long and I’m a hair snob. 

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