Happy National Siblings Day! 

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that beach half turn

that beach half turn

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Seven time Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift

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When people say Taylor Swift’s dancing at award shows is to get attention…. no she’s really just like that 

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"When I started writing songs I was 12. I think the reason I started writing songs was because, I didn’t have plans a lot of the time. I didn’t have much of a social life going on and I would just go to my room and write songs about not having social life […] I find it so interesting that in the case of people who turn to writing or music or whatever - we turn to that when we’re sad and lonely and then we end up finding the thing we love more than anything in the world and the thing that ends up making us feel connected to other people in the end and I think that’s such a beautiful process. When I write songs in my room, it’s for the same reasons. It’s for the reasons that I don’t understand why people treat each other the way they do sometimes, or maybe I’m feeling something that makes me feel completely alone, and then it goes out into the world and by you showing up and knowing the words it’s like you saying, ‘Me too! I felt that way too’. I think sometimes that’s all we ever really want in life for someone to raise their hand and say ‘Me too. I felt that way too’. There is no exception to the fact that life is hard, and people are mean to each other, and we have to learn how to cope with it, and we have to learn when to let go and when to hold on, I guess for me when I write a song about someone who said something mean to me or someone who really got under my skin, and you guys say me too? That’s the best feeling in the world."
-  Taylor Swift’s speech before Mean 2/2/14 (x
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