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Come and Join our community, learn about others& lived life experiences, share stories of challenges, strategies, successes, and  leadership skills with individuals that look like you and understand. EyesOpen welcomes all people, backgrounds, or how you identify to join us as supporting allies to bridge the pathways to equitable opportunities, justice and inclusion.

Our Mission

EyesOpen seeks to support and assist our global young adults, who are calling for immediate change to our businesses, governments, and institutions that have allowed systemic discrimination and racism to take hold within them. EyesOpen will work to advance these young IBPOC adults into all industries of society with the foundations of Justice, Equality, Inclusion with influence, and mentorship.

Healthy Communities

Create networks that plan for the future, are socially equitable, resilient, intuitive, make strong investments, are forward thinking and emotionally Intelligent.  

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“Out of Many we Are One!”