Privacy Policy and Terms

Use of Data

EyesOpen promises to never sell or share your contact information and data with a third party. We maintain this information solely for the purpose of improving your experience with EyesOpen. We will only use your contact information to send you information about our events, news, services, promotions, support, and upgrades. For our members, we maintain your data for billing purposes or for legitimate interest such as sending you information relevant to our services you already interact with or related information.


EyesOpen uses cookies on our website in order to better understand the needs and interests of our members and site visitors. This information is also used by our webmaster to improve and enhance the overall visitor experience of our website.

Security Measures

EyesOpen takes your data security very seriously and takes great measures to protect that. The partners that we use to store your data take your security very seriously as well. These companies are committed to maintaining industry standard practices are constantly improving their systems for authentication and authorization.

Your Right to Access, Delete or Modify Contact Information

As a member or subscriber you can request at any time to be provided with a clear copy of your personal data. You may also request at any time for to be completely deleted from our database or have your data modified by contacting us at