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EyesOpen believes that by actively listening, and positively communicating with each other within your communities, you can solve the issues of discrimination, inequity, and systemic racism. Through sharing your stories, accomplishments, and your resilience, you can educate others and learn from one another. Together we build our collective strengths and find actionable solutions in fighting discrimination and systemic racism.

We would love to hear from you about experiences that have impacted or changed your life as a BIPOC individual. Our truth telling is important for the world to hear and acknowledge.

“Our work is making sure that our stories are told and told true. Our work is making sure our artistry is cultivated and expressed, shared and appreciated. Our work is honoring our genius when no one else does. Our work is refusing to surrender, refusing to be silenced, refusing to be rendered simplistically. Our work seems endless, and probably is. But our stories are at the core of our identity, and if they don’t exist, in some critical way, we won’t exist either. We won’t have the glue that holds us together, and gives us perspective on our lives through the lens of history…”
– “Legacy” by Rebecca Walker (Writer, Producer, Activist)

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Story Submissions

ElaineUK 1

Elaine’s Story

I simply replied: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, I can see from the expressions on your faces, I am not what you had expected. Given that I have communicated with you all verbally as well as via email and have also received praise from you for my work on this project, could you possibly imagine my position in seeing you all shocked to know it was me you were working with after seeing me in person?’

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Alejandra’s Story

I felt so at home with my new nickname that to this day, I introduce myself to native English speakers as “Ally” and to native Spanish speakers as “Nathia” (something associated with always being called by my first name in Colombia).

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