Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion PLEDGE


1. Download the pledge sheet from our website, and plan with your organization to take time to take The Pledge together. We hope you commit to renewing The Pledge annually.

2. Purchase the Pledge poster in one of the five sizes. Your Banner size purchase comes with a renewable yearly digital Badge for your online presence. The badge provides a link to the EyesOpen supporter’s page for public affirmation. The Pledge posters\banner are ideal for public awareness, training, education, and displaying at recruiting sessions.

By taking the EyesOpen Pledge, and proudly displaying our posters, your organization’s commitment to ending systemic inequities and providing employment opportunities to skillful bipoc individuals will be publicly highlighted.

Take the pledge and show your support for Diversity, Equity, and Opportunity for Black, Indigenous, and People of colour (BIPOC) within our communities and your organizations.

Diverse companies and healthy communities

create robust networks, are socially equitable, resilient, forward-thinking, and emotionally intelligent.

Take action today, join and participate in the EyesOpen community and programs.